Week….uh whatever.

It has been a while…. I’d like to say a lot has happened and I guess a lot has happened but really, not much has happened.

Lockdown has somewhat lifted but looking at the news now, it’s starting to feel a bit like early February again. A feeling that things might go wrong badly and soon. So another little bit of preparation, a bit of stocking up and an Ocado membership and fortnightly deliveries automatically.

Other than that, there was a burst of social contact. Catching up with people in the pub, seeing Douglas, restarting the smaller game night and a little out and abouting. Some exhibitions, Titian, Beardsley, and some wandering centrally. Then a limited amount of theatre. Covid secure venues and very impressed with the Bridge Theatre so far. Hoping to go again today, trying for Rush tickets in a short while.

A lot of quiet time at home and a lot of it … wasted really. Watching crap while just faffing on the internet. No learning of a language, no reading a dozen books, no writing the next great novel, no painting my masterpiece. Just … existing.

From this coming Monday, I’ve gone and created a daily routine and I’m going to try that really hard. The hour reading at lunch a few months ago worked well for a while and I really want to get back into that routine.

There’s a constant low-level tiredness and occasional anxiety. There’s all this covid stuff and then there’s the pressures of what was normal life. Work and bills and all those concerns.

I have spent the past two months basically listening to Phoebe Bridgers and well I love Phoebe Bridgers and I desperately miss gigs as I would pay whatever the ticket price was to see her touring the current album.

There was a week of… something quite recently. I was very unwell one Saturday with an extremely high temperature. So being responsible, we went into actual isolation mode. Let the neighbours know, got a speedy delivery (outside, no contact at all) and settled in. It was of course over a bank holiday weekend so it was slow to get test and then the results were a wait and wait and a wait. Usually within 24 hours but of course I was on the 72 hours end. Still, it was negative and it wasn’t that awful to do myself so all is well that ends well.

Manage to get rush tickets, so I’ll leave it here and but try and be back more often.

Week 13 – Sunday 14/06/20

Another week.

And it’s more of the same.

This kinda goes out the window when the weeks, when the days are interchangeable. There’s nothing going on, nothing to look forward to. When the highlight of your week can be a big food delivery and that only comes every second week.

A virtual beers evening was a lot of fun. A slight hangover on Friday, a reminder of some more normal times. A study in Ireland showed 2/3 Irish men admitted drinking more during lockdown. The UK study a few weeks ago showed people drinking less which I think just goes to show that the Irish at least answered honestly.

I finished off a lovely bottle of NZ whisky which had lasted a little while.

We watched Devs which I think I enjoyed overall more than herself. I also binged through Top Boy which was really good.

We took a long walk yesterday to the big Tesco. A lovely day and we stocked up. Our first time out for essentially non-essentials in months. Queue was shorter and it wasn’t quite as busy inside. People are still useless and I wish there someone with a cattle prod at every aisle enforcing the one way system but maybe it’s just me.

That’s it. Duller than usual.

Week 12 – Sunday 07/06/20


And another week. Another week of much the same. Staying home and making do.

It’s odd. I mean it’s all odd these days. The state of the world is odd and there’s so much that just doesn’t make sense to me anymore – even if it ever did.

Most things remain closed here, some limited re-opening (and some places that are not allowed opening anyways) and then there’s due to be a bigger reopening on the 15th.

Of course if we see a spike anytime now, it’ll be nice and easy to blame on the protests and not say, the congas on VE day a or anything else like that. Nope, not at all.

The protests…. christ it’s complicated. People can’t attend funerals but the streets are full of people protesting without social distancing.

I think people in the masks movement have a lot to answer for. It seems to me that a huge number of people think it’s fine to carry on as normal as long as they wear a mask. So many people posting pictures of visiting family and meeting multiple households and large groups … but you know a few people have masks so it’s all good! And lets be clear, yes masks are good for some specific circumstances but they ain’t some magical cure all and carrying on your life as it normally was before all this but with a mask…. hello second wave! Hello third wave!

Looks to be a lot of spikes around the UK but the government ignoring their own advice and guidelines (no precedent for that eh?) and just carrying on with a re-opening. Their own advisors publicly saying it’s too fast and things aren’t so good but you know, masks people, masks! Oh and eye tests of course…

Moving swiftly along…

Our week has been about as mixed as usual. It started pretty well, I met up with a friend in a local park for a few evening beers. Same as last time, keep some distance and just chat. It was a nice evening and then on the way home when I grabbed a little of our shopping, I found a bunch of Irish Cadburys and so that was a nice bonus!

I accidentally bought a bottle of scotch earlier in the week, a blend too! There was an offer on and it looked and sounded interesting, so I bought a Naked Grouse. It can always be mixed with something if it doesn’t work out.

We’ve watched a bunch of stuff. We finished Giri/Haji, parts of which were excellent but some parts a bit wtf (that dance!). Still we enjoyed it overall. Then we watched A Confession which obviously clicked with herself as we did the 6 episode mini series in two sittings. Now we’ve moved on to catchup on Devs on iPlayer.

I finished iZombie this morning. Found the last two seasons to not be so great and at times it was very much just on in the background. It was amusing when herself was very enthusiastic to suggest I sit down this morning and finish the last 4 episodes. A short time later I realised this was purely so that she could sit and watch the new season of Queer Eye in peace and quiet…. Heh. I’ve moved on to the originals series of Top Boy on Netflix. I just finished the first 4 episode series and liked it a lot.

Our slow cooker is working well. It’s very slow to just cook rice but the rice comes out really well. I did some garlic butter chicken in it during the week which turned out pretty well, I think shredded chicken will be something to look into. I did find a serious flaw with our slow cooker though, as I was prepping dinner at 10.30 am, I found myself gravitating towards the beer shelf in the fridge! I generally do the prep and cooking and she does the washing up so it’s usually beer o’clock when I start doing that. I may have to adjust that now….

Baking was limited to an apple and raisin crumble. I got some fresh cream with our shopping and that was very nice indeed. I also made a smaller one with a bit, okay a lot, of rum and that was very tasty. Baking in the all-in-one cooker seems like an option so I’ll likely add a couple of things to our delivery order later in the week and see how that works out.

Some good news this week when I finally got a chargeback for two set of Ryanair flights. Took about 5 weeks for the complaint to be processed – Ryanair did not respond to the complaint so I suspect I’d have won by default anyways but the money is back in my account.

A bit of work earlier in the week which was good. Hopefully more during the coming week. Before all this happened, there was suppose to be a paper coming out in The Lancet with, I believe, my name on it. Which is quite something but has me even more interested in the various articles about pulling papers and peer review and all of that. I did get another paper published in the Health and Social Care journal which is good!

Facebook reminded me during the week that it was 12 years to the day since I landed in Australia and started to learn how to dive before spending a few days on a boat out on the Great Barrier Reef. That was an amazing time. Such great memories. I’d like to be able to do that again someday but it’s hard not to feel like those times have passed.

A bit all over the place listening to music. I keep trying to change up what I’m listening to, yesterday went from Band Of Horses to Pavarotti. Nothing seems to really click. It’s a bit like everything I suppose. I just don’t want to stick with the same, almost comfort music, and then have it all linked to this time.