Week….uh whatever.

It has been a while…. I’d like to say a lot has happened and I guess a lot has happened but really, not much has happened.

Lockdown has somewhat lifted but looking at the news now, it’s starting to feel a bit like early February again. A feeling that things might go wrong badly and soon. So another little bit of preparation, a bit of stocking up and an Ocado membership and fortnightly deliveries automatically.

Other than that, there was a burst of social contact. Catching up with people in the pub, seeing Douglas, restarting the smaller game night and a little out and abouting. Some exhibitions, Titian, Beardsley, and some wandering centrally. Then a limited amount of theatre. Covid secure venues and very impressed with the Bridge Theatre so far. Hoping to go again today, trying for Rush tickets in a short while.

A lot of quiet time at home and a lot of it … wasted really. Watching crap while just faffing on the internet. No learning of a language, no reading a dozen books, no writing the next great novel, no painting my masterpiece. Just … existing.

From this coming Monday, I’ve gone and created a daily routine and I’m going to try that really hard. The hour reading at lunch a few months ago worked well for a while and I really want to get back into that routine.

There’s a constant low-level tiredness and occasional anxiety. There’s all this covid stuff and then there’s the pressures of what was normal life. Work and bills and all those concerns.

I have spent the past two months basically listening to Phoebe Bridgers and well I love Phoebe Bridgers and I desperately miss gigs as I would pay whatever the ticket price was to see her touring the current album.

There was a week of… something quite recently. I was very unwell one Saturday with an extremely high temperature. So being responsible, we went into actual isolation mode. Let the neighbours know, got a speedy delivery (outside, no contact at all) and settled in. It was of course over a bank holiday weekend so it was slow to get test and then the results were a wait and wait and a wait. Usually within 24 hours but of course I was on the 72 hours end. Still, it was negative and it wasn’t that awful to do myself so all is well that ends well.

Manage to get rush tickets, so I’ll leave it here and but try and be back more often.