Week 13 – Sunday 14/06/20

Another week.

And it’s more of the same.

This kinda goes out the window when the weeks, when the days are interchangeable. There’s nothing going on, nothing to look forward to. When the highlight of your week can be a big food delivery and that only comes every second week.

A virtual beers evening was a lot of fun. A slight hangover on Friday, a reminder of some more normal times. A study in Ireland showed 2/3 Irish men admitted drinking more during lockdown. The UK study a few weeks ago showed people drinking less which I think just goes to show that the Irish at least answered honestly.

I finished off a lovely bottle of NZ whisky which had lasted a little while.

We watched Devs which I think I enjoyed overall more than herself. I also binged through Top Boy which was really good.

We took a long walk yesterday to the big Tesco. A lovely day and we stocked up. Our first time out for essentially non-essentials in months. Queue was shorter and it wasn’t quite as busy inside. People are still useless and I wish there someone with a cattle prod at every aisle enforcing the one way system but maybe it’s just me.

That’s it. Duller than usual.