Week….uh whatever.

It has been a while…. I’d like to say a lot has happened and I guess a lot has happened but really, not much has happened.

Lockdown has somewhat lifted but looking at the news now, it’s starting to feel a bit like early February again. A feeling that things might go wrong badly and soon. So another little bit of preparation, a bit of stocking up and an Ocado membership and fortnightly deliveries automatically.

Other than that, there was a burst of social contact. Catching up with people in the pub, seeing Douglas, restarting the smaller game night and a little out and abouting. Some exhibitions, Titian, Beardsley, and some wandering centrally. Then a limited amount of theatre. Covid secure venues and very impressed with the Bridge Theatre so far. Hoping to go again today, trying for Rush tickets in a short while.

A lot of quiet time at home and a lot of it … wasted really. Watching crap while just faffing on the internet. No learning of a language, no reading a dozen books, no writing the next great novel, no painting my masterpiece. Just … existing.

From this coming Monday, I’ve gone and created a daily routine and I’m going to try that really hard. The hour reading at lunch a few months ago worked well for a while and I really want to get back into that routine.

There’s a constant low-level tiredness and occasional anxiety. There’s all this covid stuff and then there’s the pressures of what was normal life. Work and bills and all those concerns.

I have spent the past two months basically listening to Phoebe Bridgers and well I love Phoebe Bridgers and I desperately miss gigs as I would pay whatever the ticket price was to see her touring the current album.

There was a week of… something quite recently. I was very unwell one Saturday with an extremely high temperature. So being responsible, we went into actual isolation mode. Let the neighbours know, got a speedy delivery (outside, no contact at all) and settled in. It was of course over a bank holiday weekend so it was slow to get test and then the results were a wait and wait and a wait. Usually within 24 hours but of course I was on the 72 hours end. Still, it was negative and it wasn’t that awful to do myself so all is well that ends well.

Manage to get rush tickets, so I’ll leave it here and but try and be back more often.

Week 17 Sunday 12/07/20


I missed a few weeks.

It’s been more of the same and also pretty eventful.

So, lets go back a while.

Just over 20 years ago, I moved to London. I got a really good job offer and I jumped at it. I didn’t know many people but I soon found the people I was working were with a great group and I still see a bunch of them on a regular basis.

Sometime after I moved over, there was a talk and book signing for an author that I really liked, Warren Ellis, and I went along.

The talk was fun and then I joined the queue for a book to be signed. It wasn’t very busy and so there was a bit of time to chat. When it was my turn to get a signature, he was really nice and we had a short conversation. I told him I’d just moved to London and without a seconds thought he told me that I should go to his message board as there were a lot of people with similar interests who lived in London – and that they had some drinks in the same pub every Thursday and he invited me to join them.

So I joined the Warren Ellis Forum (WEF) and a couple of weeks later I went to one of the drinks where Warren remembered me and introduced me to a bunch of people.

To say that had an impact on my life would be an understatement. From the WEF, I’ve dozens of friends, I’ve had flatmates and it even connects to herself.

When I moved to the US for work, I had a ready-made group of friends, there was a small number of people in DC who were on the WEF. I’d never met any of them but I went to their drinks and caught up with them many times throughout the year. I went up to NYC and met people there, I met people in San Francisco.

When I went travelling, I met friends in Australia, in Mexico, in Brazil – all from the WEF.

A couple of years ago, we held some anniversary drinks in London and in NYC and people travelled from all over the world to see old friends or to meet friends in person for the first time.

We have a private Facebook group where over a hundred of us still hang out and catchup. Pre-panedmic, we did monthly drinks, and a monthly games night. At the start of the lockdowns, we started a small WhatsApp group for people to just text some random support or to vent away. There’s over 65 people in it now.

So it’s pretty hard for me to understate the impact Warren Ellis had on my life.

And then… this:

Comics Writer Warren Ellis Responds to Sexual Coercion Allegations. The ‘Transmetropolitan’ and ‘Authority’ writer released a statement on Thursday evening, following days of women coming forward with claims he coerced them into romantic and sexual relationships.

The Hollywood Reporter



What I planned to do when I sat down to write about this a couple of weeks ago was to link to an article written by one of the people who was on the same forum and was, until a couple of weeks ago, a member of all the groups I mentioned.

But then, it turns out he has been accused – and then admitted to – assaulting a women at a convention in recent years. So, you know, fuck that guy.

In between all of this, and spurred on by a lot of conversation after the Warren Ellis information started coming to light (days before that article I link btw), we finally dealt with an issue much closer to home. Long overdue and there’s some culpability to go around but we had to deal with him. But also, fuck that guy.

So, it’s been eventful. And lets be clear, I say that not as a victim of anything in this. Dealing with all of this and some of it one on top of another was exhausting but it was nothing compared to what the victims of any of these women have gone through and are still going through.

On the plus side, it has spurred us to rebuild our little community a bit and we’ve mostly moved to Discord where we have a much more active chat room going at all hours and so far it’s working well.

There’s a lot missing from all this. There’s a lot more to it but … it’s not really for writing up here. I’ve said a lot and heard a lot in our groups and I’ll leave it at that.

To quickly catchup on other, lesser, stuff.

S1 of True Detective. Not as enjoyable/impactful the second time around but I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed the comedy of herself getting shows mixed up and wondering where Anna Paquin was…

Dark. Yup, liking it. Not loving it but I am liking it. Just about to start S3.

We watched and loved Before Sunrise and Before Sunset with Before Midnight lined up soon.

We went to the pub on Friday! We did some local messages and it was quiet so we went in. Pretty impressed with the setup and happy to have a couple of lunchtime drinks. Not going to be rushing back at a weekend or a busy night but certainly an odd earlier drink.

Looks like we’ll be able to see Doug soon. Some restrictions, understandably, so maybe just me this week but we’ll see how it goes.

Some solid blocks of work. One piece that I was really pleased with and thought was good until my file fucked up and I submitted a shambles. Quite mortified once I figured it out (a few moments of horror when I thought it might all have been lost). More would be good, waiting to find out.

So much theatre missed, my calendar regularly mocks me by telling me what I should have been at. The worst was probably earlier this week when we should have been seeing Cush Jumbo as Hamlet in the Young Vic.

Enjoyed the return of Formula 1 last weekend. More this weekend which is nice, hoping for another decent race.

Lots of boredom, it’s definitely getting to us more and more. Our cinema has delayed re-opening which is annoying as we hoped to start going this week after seeing how re-opening has been going.

In short: blurgh.

Week 13 – Sunday 14/06/20

Another week.

And it’s more of the same.

This kinda goes out the window when the weeks, when the days are interchangeable. There’s nothing going on, nothing to look forward to. When the highlight of your week can be a big food delivery and that only comes every second week.

A virtual beers evening was a lot of fun. A slight hangover on Friday, a reminder of some more normal times. A study in Ireland showed 2/3 Irish men admitted drinking more during lockdown. The UK study a few weeks ago showed people drinking less which I think just goes to show that the Irish at least answered honestly.

I finished off a lovely bottle of NZ whisky which had lasted a little while.

We watched Devs which I think I enjoyed overall more than herself. I also binged through Top Boy which was really good.

We took a long walk yesterday to the big Tesco. A lovely day and we stocked up. Our first time out for essentially non-essentials in months. Queue was shorter and it wasn’t quite as busy inside. People are still useless and I wish there someone with a cattle prod at every aisle enforcing the one way system but maybe it’s just me.

That’s it. Duller than usual.